Sunday, September 10, 2006

Emerging Themes

Although aiming to complete six folded documents, it is tempting to do eight, ten or more. Material has been created suggesting many themes, yet there has to be a limit and a conclusion to the M.A.

With several documents partly completed it seemed appropriate that this situation itself was an important theme of the project. The unfinished documents are brought together in one. The best material and a concise summary of the ideas concentrates the quality of the material that reflects the development of the project at the time.

The inclusion of ‘projected’ text had been intended for sometime and was hoped to form a finale to the project but this had become just one of several important themes that could be explored. To help relate the ideas for future themes back to the origins of the project and create a conclusive summary ‘The Spirit of Dalton Mills’ was the best solution.

The original idea would be a good contrast between the latest development, and a concept that could relate to time, the continuing underlyng theme of the project. With an image of the clock face the themes of ‘time’ and ‘spirit’ conclude the project well, illustrating the relationship between the two themes.


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