Sunday, June 11, 2006


My perception is that installations are currently very fashionable, and this seems to extend to heritage buildings. Listers Mill with its coloured columns and Salts Mill with it's recent 'Co-ordinates' exhibition in the roof space there, provide excellent inspiration and demonstrate the exciting potential that unusual spaces can offer.

Its tempting to follow suit and do something similar at Dalton Mills, however, I'm not entirely convinced this is a creative area where my own skills are best utilised and the 4th Dimension project is about preserving heritage and creating something of value for the future. That in its self will potentially be displayed in the redeveloped building, which arguably is more successful installation than a one-off event, an ongoing display of material that interacts with the building's new inhabitants, in it's new and redeveloped role.

My feeling at this stage of the project is to pursue the representation of the building, it's space and it's character through the processes that I'm becoming increasingly confident with - photography, drawing and design. The results of recent work have surpassed anything I could have hoped for on this project, particularly with photography, I feel I should take advantage of this creative progression and capitalise on it for the benefit of the project and my own ongoing development.

This said, the inspiration from other installations is interesting and I can't rule out the possibility of doing something that I feel will compliment the project. An exhibition of this project is being planned and it could possibly be at the Mills, this could be an opportunity to use the 'installation inspiration' !


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