Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Mechanics Shed

The atmosphere of The Mechanics Shed epitomises the intrigue of a disused industrial building. It has taken several visits to really capture it and through the process of exploring the detail and space in the atmospheric light, I have exploited photographic techniques that until now I had previously been a novice.

This is where the photography on this project surpassed any expectations I had at the beginning of what the project might achieve. The room, its contents and the light all combined to provide a subject that encapsulated the spirit of Dalton Mills and enabled realisation of some of the fundamental aims of the project.

It was adopting this approach that I think changed the type of images I was achieving from simply good compositional shots to images that convey character and atmosphere, everything that I had set out to achieve at the beginning of the project. The combination of inspiration, excellent atmospheric conditions and
learning had contributed to successfully achieving the basic aims of this project, not through drawing or painting which I had first thought would be the correct approach but through a combination of photography and graphic design.


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